Bodybuilding for Women

Bodybuilding WomenThere is much more to bodybuilding for women than merely beefed up muscles resembling their male counterparts. The image that most people have of women’s bodybuilding is often flawed. Bodybuilding for women is much more about finesse than it is about size. Fitness and a tight, toned body is much more important than bulk. This means that women bodybuilders should focus on a well balanced bodybuilding workout that combines cardio and weight training.

For starters, the amount of testosterone that men produce simply aren’t present in women. Testosterone is one of the key factors in muscle growth. For women bodybuilders, building toned muscles will require testosterone supplements. A female muscle bodybuilding workout program will be similar to that of the men, at least in principal. All muscle groups should be worked at least once a week. Only weights can provide the resistance training need to strain the muscles.

Building up of energy levels will be achieved through intense cardio workouts. Good examples of cardio workouts would be the stair step machine and treadmill. This should a least 2 times a week to achieve the fitness levels required. You can combine cardio and weight training workouts, but not all female bodybuilders are comfortable with this. In such a  case, Mon, Wed and Fri could be use for weight training and Tuesdays and Wednesdays for cardio.

female-bodybuilding-imageA similar diet regime should be followed to that of men bodybuilders. That means lots of protein and carbs with just the right amounts of fat. As with any professional athlete, copious amounts of water is essential. The usual supplements will also be present in bodybuilding for women, and it includes creatine, testosterone and others. For more info on supplements, go to: bodybuilding supplements Make sure what you eat works for you, and not against you. Do not starve yourself for you will NOT be able to build any muscle whatsoever.

Bodybuilding for women has become more and more popular in recent years. As a result the sport of female bodybuilding has become much more competitive. Give it 100% and you will reach the top of your game. As with any sport, make sure you have access to the right information. If done wrong, female muscle bodybuilding could have less than desirable results and could lead to injury. If done right, bodybuilding for women can lead to a beautifully sculptured bode that will look good, even into your later years!

A great resource for female bodybuilding: 8 Lady Fitness Myths


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